The Weekly Vibe #18

Use the tools that were given to you.

Each of us has developed unique skills. Are you aware of them? If so are you using them to your full potential?

Sometimes it is just a matter of awareness for you to put 1+1 together in order to execute.

*Skye Chilton was interested in computer science, but his dad was a mushroom expert. Combining the two he was able to launch a high-tech and well designed supplement platform.

A lot of businesses do not operate with integrity and have shortcuts. A majority of the supplement space is not well regulated because the FDA and other regulators are mainly concerned with serious health concerns rather than the overall quality of the ingredients. It’s important to do your research when taking supplements and understand how they’re made.


What we learned

Just start. Work for its own sake.

Once you start working on a project it becomes really clear if this is for you. If you are happy doing the work and struggling to find the answers but enjoying the process, this project/work is for you.


Try this week: Medicinal Mushrooms

It goes without saying. Try mushrooms in a beverage or as a supplement, whether you look for cognition, energy or immunity. This is not a paid advertisement just a recommendation based on excitement for these products.


Quote of the Week

"I never thought I would go ask my dad more about his expertise until I saw how combining my expertise with our family's tradition just made sense."


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