The Weekly Vibe #17

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The market will decide if you are successful. Understand the flaws/opportunities in your market without thinking that you alone will change the whole system. It is easier to understand the advantages you have against the market’s inefficiencies rather than try to change consumer habits.

Integrity and truth will propel you forward. It doesn’t matter if you are dead broke or going through a lawsuit, honesty and integrity is the best business card that you can own and run a sustainable business. 

*Martin Mayorga had early success because he was able to establish REAL relationships with his suppliers which allowed his suppliers to extend him credit to sustain his business.

It’s good to have slow/sustainable growth. New-age entrepreneurs often search for big initial equity investment or raise large amounts of debt in an effort to have explosive growth. There is no magic pill that will get you to quick success.

*Mayorga Organics has never had equity or bank debt!


What we learned

Simply impacting 5 people with our podcast to take a step into choosing growth and education is much more powerful than getting an extra 100 listeners or subscribers. We learn and get inspired with every podcast and we want to share that with our audience.

Us sharing these episodes already led to a handful of opportunities and has helped a number of our listeners take the first step to start a business or expand already existing business.


Try this week: A healthy coffee practice

Doesn't coffee destroy your adrenals, give you the jitters, jack up cortisol and blood pressure, and render you addicted to caffeine?

Here are a number of ways to use coffee to increase performance and mitigate the cortisol spike.

  • Acceptable caffeine levels for most adults with no major health issues comes out to about 4-5 mg per kg body weight and that about 400mg per day should be the max

  • Use organic coffee with lower acidity, decrease toxin and mold exposure

  • Use a healthy fat like MCT oil, grass-fed butter, coconut butter or nut butter for a slow prolonged caffeine release

  • Work out, go for a walk, move, or do "hot-cold therapy" straight after consumption. You can process your increased cortisol and you can boost things such as fat-burn or mental clarity.

  • Do an occasional coffee fast to keep the negative effects to a minimum and make the coffee work for you when you use it.

  • Take your coffee to the next level and add a bunch of Superfoods to your coffee. Some of those are: Medicinal Mushrooms , Maca, Cacao, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha.


Quote of the Week

"The moments that suck yesterday are the moments that make you grow and learn the most."


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