The Weekly Vibe #15

  • Create value for customers and investors. Value generates attention, leads, sales and positive momentum. When creating value try to under promise and over deliver to meet and exceed expectations. Today there is an over abundance of startups that make huge promises of growth but never reach it. With uncertain times ahead, true value is returning to the fore front of importance.

  • Use doubt to motivate you rather than paralyze you. The truth is that even after you find success in business you will still encounter doubt in your everyday life. The key is using the doubt to motivate you and to help you stay on the edge with curiosity. No one knows what will happen tomorrow which is what makes entrepreneurship such an interesting journey. Embracing the idea of “fearless doubt” is a great way to continuously strive for innovation.

  • The hospitality industry is under distress right now, but the visionary players will likely reformulate in order to survive. People are looking for experience driven services and want a real reason to leave the house. The increase of work from home and sheltering will augment the importance of new socializing experiences such as social clubs.


What we learned

We have experienced through The Visionary Entrepreneur that business is composed of constant evaluation and optimization. For example for every episode we release we are evaluating and asking ourselves these questions:

· What were the most powerful parts/info of the episode?

· What type of audience enjoyed our episode the most?

· Did the delivery of the information reach our market appropriately?

It can be small as the colors you use or as large as the themes you hit on, but you cannot lose sight of your overall mission. For us The Visionary Entrepreneur is a shared learning experience for all and a mindset to go through business/life with. With these pivot points we will continue to strive to put out the best product we can while never forgetting our vision.


Try this week: Podcast of the week

This is our favorite Joe Rogan Episode. Naval is an entrepreneur, angel investor and philosopher. This episode was instrumental in what direction we wanted to take our podcast. His unique experience of basically growing up in a library has given Naval wisdom and knowledge that a lot of people could benefit from.


Quote of the Week

"Use doubt as a tool to find your fire"


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