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Sean McCarthy - How to Eat for Business - Episode #12

  • Treat your body like a formula 1 team, most business people have little regard for their personal health and have no idea that they're hindering their productivity at work. Think of preparing yourself for business meetings like Tom Brady would prepare himself for the Superbowl.

  • Presentism is worse than absenteeism. Presentism occurs when someone is physically present at work but suffering mentally or with illness, and is, therefore, providing a diluted version of themselves. Absenteeism occurs when someone does not physically come to work because they are ill. It is better to give your body rest and recovery rather than force yourself to produce bad quality work and worsen the problem.

  • Make coffee work for you and not against you. Traditional industrialized coffee has high mold content, acidity, and cortisol. This means that the cheap coffee you buy makes you stressed, anxious, and dehydrated. By making coffee the right way you can increase your brain function without the harmful drawbacks. (See below for our "supercoffee" recipe)

  • Take care of liver health when drinking alcohol. Although reducing alcohol consumption is good, drinking alcohol can be a part of traveling and entertaining clients. Your hangover is mostly due to liver toxicity and needs to be remedied to return to peak performance. (See hangover cures below)

  • Nose breathing is proven to improve your health. Research has shown that breathing more through your nose can change your bone density, alkalize your body, and create nitric oxide. Basically, it can heighten your awareness, expand your veins, and help you sleep better.

  • Intermittent fasting is a great tool to increase focus. Your body needs a rest from constant digestion, just like your body needs a rest after a long workout. By occasionally skipping a meal or reducing your eating windows it can increase energy, clarity, digestive health, and brain function.


What we Learned this Week:

Wellbeing is a priority and a process. Health is a priority and should be a constant in your business rather than a short term goal. Everything you do, whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual plays a huge part in your happiness and the way you do business. Sometimes taking the afternoon off and doing and taking care of your body can reduce stress and make you more productive in the long run.

Start your morning with a "Supercoffee":

**The Basic Recipe**

-High-altitude grown, alkaline, and preferably organic coffee grounds

-Healthy fat (1/2 tbsp Grassfed butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil) blended in

-Slow brewed

This basic recipe with added fat makes the release of caffeine slower and encourages the proper distribution of the healthy antioxidants into your body .

**Our Super-coffee recipe **

-High-altitude grown, alkaline, and preferably organic coffee grounds

-Reishi Mushroom powder (for stress balance)

-Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (for endurance) ¼ tbsp

-Turmeric Powder ¼ tbsp

-Maca Powder ¼ tbsp

-(Raw Cacao Powder ¼ tbsp)

-Almond Butter 1 tbsp

-Raw Honey 2 tbsp

-Healthy Fat (1/2 tbsp Grassfed butter or MCT oil)

-Slow brewed and blended together

This is the version of the "supercoffee" we have been using and it has completely changed our days. It removes the anxiety and jitters of traditional coffee and provides more elongated energy without jitters. Not only are you getting an incredible boost of energy but you are also starting your day with a variety of superfoods that benefit all aspects of your health.

Hangover Cure after a Night of Drinking:

**Hangover Cure**

-L-Glutamine before you go to sleep

-In the morning juice an entire lemon with celery or tomato juice, and ginger

-Nuxvomica supplement

These tips can be used to improve liver in general and not only great for hangovers.

Intermittent Fasting

Nic: While training for a triathlon I have been using intermittent fasting and I have noticed that I can easily go through a full morning of training and 8 hours of work without feeling the need to eat. I usually stick to one meal a day so I feel productive, clear and energized. As soon as I have a snack it becomes extremely hard to keep it up so try to stay strict once you commit. "Supercoffe" is something I drink in the morning and feel energized the whole day.

Fasting can be used to put on or lose weight, it really depends on how you engineer it and how you train to satisfy your goals.

Try it this Week

  • Buy high-quality coffee or try our basic coffee recipe with a few add-ins, stay well hydrated, and get lots of sleep.

  • Try skipping breakfast 3 times this week and see how you feel. Continue working your way up to shorter windows. The first few times you try to fast you may feel irritable or feel very hungry. This is normal and goes away after the first few days.

  • Replace 1 overly stressful thing in your life with an hour of self-care. This could be acupuncture, stretching, massage, yoga, or anything that heals or recovers your body and mind.


What we're Reading

The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler

This is a great book that describes the diets of early hunter-gatherers. It contains great insights into integrating nutrition and fitness and can improve your ability to optimize your health. If your goal is a lean muscular body and increased brain capacity than the warrior diet is a great book to kickstart your journey into health. Even if you don't integrate the diet, there are many useful tips that can change your perspective on nutrition forever.

Quote of the Week

"Wellbeing is the ultimate leadership tool."


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