WHO we are 

Nic: I am from Switzerland and grew up with a multicultural background. I am passionate about sports, outdoors, and creativity.

Growing up surrounded by influential business people helped me developed a good network and business insight. My entire life was dedicated to tennis, playing 4 years in college, and a number of professional events. This experience has given me a lot of life experience and grit, that cannot be replaced with anything else.


I will take my unique skill set and use it to be successful in business and fulfilled in life.


I am driven by my passions in entrepreneurship, innovation, sports, and outdoors to create amazing products for customers.  I'm looking for authentic and creative experiences and use my business and financial experience to make it happen


I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and fell in love with tennis from a young age. I had idols like Andy Roddick and Roger Federer and I dedicated my entire life to pursuing a path to be great like them. Tennis took me to some amazing places like the University of Miami where I was able to play at the top collegiate level and play professionally for a short time. About halfway through my Junior year I had a scary realization that professional tennis might not work out and thought "where next?". It's a scary thought, but so common for young adults or athletes to have their world turned upside down when their career plan doesn't pan out. So what did Nic and I do about it?

I became very passionate about Finance and started learning everything I could in the shortest amount of time. Although, I love the field of Finance and  I realized that it is a rigid industry that can lack creativity. My goal is to take my knowledge in Finance and combine it with creative ideas, people, and businesses. I believe there are many startups that are created with shortcuts and a lack of a thoughtful and organizational approach. I have no idea what my path holds for me but speaking to the most influential performers in every industry has helped me shape a better idea for how I can provide creative and mindful business value. I hope The Visionary Entrepreneur can help others like me, who are looking to be fulfilled and make an impact in their career but are not sure how yet.